Kristen Bell Puts A New Spin On How She's Teaching Her Kids To Give Back

It's about empathy, not pity.

When it comes to teaching kids to give back to those in need, Kristen Bell clearly believes in starting young. The Frozen star opened about how she — and Dax Shepard — is instilling in her two daughters the importance of helping those less fortunate than them.


"When we get a toy in the house, they are responsible for picking a toy to go out of the house. We talk about the work I do at Baby2Baby because I'm one of their ambassadors," Bell told HelloGiggles, adding that the philanthropic lesson doesn't stop there. "We have a Baby2Baby donation bin at their school."

It's not just that Bell is exposing Lincoln, 5, and Delta, 3, to this all-important life nugget, it's how she is doing it. The Good Place star noted that instead of just telling her children to donate something, she instead tries to show them, by using their love of Nickelodeon's Paw Patrol, how it would feel if they didn't have toys. 

"You know how excited you are about your Paw Patrol toys?" Bell said, offering up an example of a conversation she might have with them in a store. "Some kids don't have any, any Paw Patrol toys. What would that feel like if you had no Paw Patrol toys?"

By approaching the dialogue with her kids this way, Bell is imparting empathy to them instead of pity or making the act a passive thing. Providing this perspective, which creates a sense of making them feel good about their actions, she is being a pretty cool — and inspiring — mom.


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