Jimmy Kimmel Talked To Kristen Bell In Orlando, Where She's Entertaining Irma Evacuees

She’s been hanging out with the seniors at her hotel.

Kristen Bell has really been doing the most with her time in Orlando during Hurricane Irma. According to Vulture, the actress was stuck on a movie set when the storm hit. Not only did she help Josh Gad's family when they were stranded, but she's been entertaining evacuees — first at a local middle school, where she performed a Frozen song, and then at her Disney World hotel.

Late-night host Jimmy Kimmel took the time during his show Monday night to video chat with the actress. As Kimmel explained, two big groups of nursing home residents were moved into her hotel, so Bell took it upon herself to make their time their enjoyable with bingo, wheelchair races, and more.

"We're all safe and sound here," Bell said, as she was surrounded by her new friends. "We've been making the most of a crazy situation."

She made sure to shout out hotel employee Gary, who has been forgoing sleep to make sure everyone has what they need. After that, it was all about John, the nursing home resident whom Bell calls her "side piece" in Orlando. The actress posted an Instagram video of the two of them performing a sweet duet of "You Are My Sunshine."

"I told him you were Johnny Carson, 'cause he didn't know who you were," Bell joked to the host.

She also pointed out that there were more than just seniors staying at the hotel, and turned the camera to show all the other guests who were gathered there. "It's a big party," she said — and what a way to ride out the storm.

Watch Kristen Bell talk to Jimmy Kimmel in the video below:


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