Kristen Bell Received The Sweetest Video Surprise From Her Hurricane Irma Friends

"It's a cheap shot, 'cause I'm already crying."

Kristen Bell had just the motivation she needed to nail her gig hosting the SAG Awards on Sunday, and it was thanks to a special video message she received before the show. E! News surprised the event's first-ever host with some well-wishes from the seniors she met during Hurricane Irma last year.

Last September, Bell was filming a movie in Orlando when the storm hit, and ended up in the same hotel as hundreds of evacuees from Atria Senior Living centers. She took it upon herself to entertain the seniors with singing, wheelchair races, and more. She and her new friends even video chatted with Jimmy Kimmel.


Since Sunday also happened to be National Hugging Day, it was the perfect time for Bell to receive the sweet message. "It's a cheap shot, 'cause I'm already crying," she said before the video even started.

"Hey Kristen, in honor of Hugging Day, we are all sending you a big hug," said one resident. Another even hugged a doll of Bell's character Anna from Frozen. Another resident said she wanted to hug Bell's husband Dax Shepard, to which Bell responded, "Get in line."

"Everyone at Atria, I love you right back," Bell said when the video ended. "That's gonna give me the fuel I need, I think, to do a really good show."

See the full message in the video below:


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