Kristen Bell Gets Real About The Gender Pay Gap In This Funny New Video

It's all about "Pinksourcing."

"Pretty, cheap labor."


That's the tagline of "Pinksourcing," a tongue-in-cheek new video from the Huffington Post that takes on workplace sexism. The clip stars Kristen Bell, who has a suggestion for how companies can cut costs without outsourcing to other countries — just hire women, "the cheapest and best workforce in the good old U.S. of A."

As Kristen cheerfully explains, "women are a bargain in the workplace since you only have to pay them 77 cents on the dollar." And it's not just the pay gap that makes women worthwhile hires. You also don't have to pay for their birth control, and if they do get pregnant, "you get off scot-free."

Oh, and don't worry ...

It's funny because it's true. Pay inequality continues to impact women in various industries, even Hollywood stars like Jennifer Lawrence, who spoke out about the issue last year. Meanwhile, the United States is still the only industrialized nation that doesn't federally mandate paid maternity leave. We can do so much better.

"Pinksourcing" is the first in a new 10-part series of weekly videos called Celebs Have Issues, which will feature even more celebrities using humor to draw attention to important topics. Future installments will focus on issues such as mental health and transgender rights.

Learn more about "Pinksourcing" in the video below:


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