Kristen Bell Sings Back-To-School Anthem With The Help Of Some Expert Kids

"Try to look swaggy."

Believe it or not, September is quickly approaching — and Kristen Bell is ready to sing about it.

In a video for Old Navy's ONward! and Omaze, an online fundraising platform, Bell explains that she's written a back-to-school anthem with the help of some "experts," aka, kids. 

First, Bell walks us through the creative process, showing how she's asked kids for their help regarding what they'd like to hear in the anthem. "If you could wear anything on the first day of school, what would it be?" Bell asks the kids.

"A shirt that says, 'I'm awesome,'" one of them says. 

"Try to look swaggy," another kid responds.

"And not because I don't know, I'm asking for a friend, but what is 'swaggy?'," Bell responds.

Bell then talks to the kids about their summer breaks, what they'd like to have for lunch at school, and what they hope their teachers are like, among other things. 

With that, Bell puts together "a back to school anthem that we can all be really proud of" and sings it on stage in front of the kids.

"First day it's a fresh first day / I hope my new teacher is a friendly puppy," she sings, later adding, "I hope today at lunch they have cookies and french fries and ice cream and sour cream and onion potato chips and pizza." 

After the performance, Bell explains that people can enter for a chance to win a shopping spree with Bell at Old Navy, with every donation benefitting Boys & Girls Clubs "to turn learners into leaders by developing the next generation." 

"Together, we can empower them to make some noise and push past the impossible," Bell concludes.


"Old Navy's ONward! platform empowers the next generation with the real-world skills, training, and jobs to make a difference in our communities and blaze a path forward to a brighter future," Omaze explains. "Their partnership with Boys & Girls Clubs focuses on programs and activities that promote service to community, leadership, workforce training and first job opportunities in meaningful and fun ways for thousands of youth across the country."

You can hear Bell's anthem in full in the video above. 


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