Kristen Bell's Advice For Protecting The Environment Is So Simple, All of Us Can Take It

You definitely have time to make a difference.

 If there's one thing Kristen Bell believes, it's that you don't have to be a big star to make a big difference. Granted, she is — and in doing so, she's encouraging each of us to see the ways our small, everyday choices have a collectively monumental impact on our environment. 

Recently, she was in New York promoting sustainable and green lifestyles through her new partnership with Tide purclean and the World Wildlife Fund. "Leading up to Earth Day, I've joined forces with Tide purclean and World Wildlife Fund to help convert as many homes as possible to energy-saving laundry habits," Bell said in a statement. "Join me and take the pledge." Every time someone does, Tide purclean will donate $5 to WWF's global conservation efforts (up to $250,000). 

Amid growing concerns about climate change and the Trump administration's proposed budget cuts to the Environmental Protection Agency, several people may view this kind of one-click initiative as not only small but inconsequential. Kristen Bell, whose long used her celebrity platform to advocate for other environmental causes, such as water conservation and animal rights, disagrees. 

"...[E]verything is in the hands of the consumer. The irony is that it always has been because you vote with your dollars," she told The Huffington Post. "When the consumer makes their desires known to companies, they have no choice but to give us what we want. That's how capitalism works, and it can work for us if we are loud and proud and protect what we care about." 

Bell acknowledges that she's "not without blemishes" and doesn't always do environmentalism "100 percent right," but she's doing her best — and her best means encouraging countless others to do their best as well. 

"We all have to start thinking about passing earth on," she said. "It's not here to be used and abused." It's here to be protected, and as Bell shows, that starts at home. 

(H/T: The Huffington Post


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