What This CEO Said About Meetings Isn't Taught In Business School

Would your boss agree with this?

Entrepreneur Kris Duggan knows a thing or two about the latest business innovations and helping businesses succeed. He's the CEO of Betterworks, which is software company that helps businesses set goals.

"The way that many organizations approach goal setting isn't efficient," Duggan said to Forbes. "They tie goal setting to annual performance reviews, which really limits the process – employees aren't motivated to achieve more, and goals are created in a silo. Instead, goals need to be open, set more frequently like quarterly or monthly, and aspirational in nature."

While setting solid business goals allowed Duggan's own company to flourish, the CEO is always embracing a new approach to business that some organizations might consider a bit extreme.


He is saying ‘no’ to meetings.

Well, not entirely zero meetings. But he does limit the number of meetings to only two per day usually. That also includes time blocked specifically without any meetings at all.

"I find that by giving myself uninterrupted time, I can think beyond the most pressing issues and really focus on my long-term stretch goals," Duggan said to Business Insider.

Duggan has been following this method for about four years now, and he says that it's working for his company.

He also lets department heads have 1-2 days without any meetings every week.

Duggan may have good point about limiting meetings down to a bare minimum. An Attentiv blog found that a third of participants considered meetings to be unproductive time. Their reasons for opposing meetings included inclusive productivity, poor meeting preparation and disorganization.

Duggan offers an important message to business leaders about why limiting meetings is good.

"I know when I'm attending meeting after meeting, my mindset shifts to become task-oriented versus thinking critically and novelly," Duggan said to Business Insider. "Attending meeting after meeting forces you into checklist mode. When you're running a business, at least part of your day has to be devoted to the future of the company and meeting ambitious goals, and unless every meeting remains focused on those things, it'd be impossible to achieve everything at the same time."

(H/T: Business Insider)


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