Strangers Asked To Stare Into Each Other's Eyes For A Minute Develop Beautiful Connections

"I see you."

Ever since childhood, we've been told not to talk to strangers

While this might be reasonable advice for a 5-year-old, the "stranger danger" dogma tends to persist into adulthood and often negatively affects our interpersonal skills. Being constantly told to approach people with suspicion rather than trust can take its toll on our ability to make connections, find friends, and meet new people.

European technology firm Kovert Designs decided to fight this bias and found a truly beautiful way to do it.


They invited eight strangers and, after asking them to keep their eyes closed, paired them into four couples.

After a minute of standing next to each other silently, the couples were asked to open their eyes and observe the person beside them.

Participants were then asked to share their feelings and impressions in personal one-on-one interviews

Apparently, they all shared a mutual feeling of anxiety and anticipation before the experiment, but they also discovered how easy it is to connect with someone and even take a deeper look into their own personality.

"I think when you let down all the pretenses and your ego drops away, you recognize in other people your own vulnerability, your own higher self, all the good qualities. That's what you're actually connecting with, because you're not frightened anymore, you're not running from them," said one participant.

Watch the full video below.

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