Hilarious Korean Social Experiment Challenges Eye Surgery Stereotypes

*No eyes were poked during the experiment.

American media often touches on how popular plastic surgery is among South Korean women, in what some have reported as an attempt to look more "Western."

In an effort to challenge the assumptions behind the trend, the folks behind Korean YouTube channel Sw Yoon made a tongue-in-cheek video featuring women attempting to "open their eyes" — literally.

Better take a look at this experiment yourself.


They started with a simple eye-stretching exercise, which didn't go as smoothly as planned at first.

After a short meltdown, the women gave in and proceeded with this eye warm up. Until ...

... their so-called "doctor" whipped out THIS weird instrument — an ophthalmic speculum — used by ophthalmologists in eye surgery.

The ridiculous premise of the experiment caused a bunch of giggles and even hysterical laughs.

Check out the full video of the experiment below:

At the end of the video, all of the participants attempted their best techniques at making their eyes look bigger, but they also challenged the idea that bigger is better. 

"Why does it matter if your eyes are big or small?" one asked. 

Another said: "In my opinion, I think having small eyes are more comfortable."

While the popularity of plastic surgery in South Korea could be attributed to many things, these women show us that they're perfectly comfortable and beautiful in their own skin, regardless of eye size.

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(H/T: Laz_The_Kid via Reddit)


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