This Adult Toy Brand Is Helping Ensure Reproductive Health Is Accessible To All

Knotty Vibes's mission is to make sexual and reproductive health accessible to all women.

Empowering women is more than just riveting speeches and hashtags. It's also about making sure all women have access to their basic needs. One women-owned brand called Knotty Vibes is doing their part by donating a portion of all its proceeds to organizations that uplift, serve, and protect disadvantaged women.

Knotty Vibes is an online adult boutique that sells affordable sex toys, lingerie, and "feminist apparel," and celebrates self-love and care for all. With each purchase, customers are able to choose which organization their funds will support at checkout. The 12 partnering organizations include Equality Now, Global Fund for Women, Planned Parenthood, WomenOne, and more.  If no organization is chosen, the funds will be distributed evenly among all 12 organizations.

Co-founders Sheila Oh and Courtney Davis created Knotty Vibes out of their longtime activism in the feminist movement. "[We] have always been advocates for sexual freedom about bridging the orgasm gap between men and women," Davis told A Plus. 

Their mission was inspired after recognizing varying privilege among women of different circumstances and identities. "After Sheila suffered a miscarriage in 2017, she was billed $25,000 for a dilation and curettage which was covered by her comprehensive insurance," Davis shared. "After sharing her loss with other women, she found that she was indeed privileged to have the healthcare access. Several women depend on nonprofit organizations, such as Planned Parenthood, to afford sexual and reproductive health procedures. Given that such organizations are being defunded, we decided to combine our advocacy for sexual freedom with fundraising for access to women's reproductive health."


Recently, the Austin-based company offered free sex toys and free menstrual cups. And while free goodies are always awesome, the promotion also highlights the importance of making sex and reproductive health accessible to all women. 

For women experiencing homelessness especially, periods can be a monthly crisis as menstrual products are still widely inaccessible for people who are poor, homeless, and incarcerated.  In the United States, there are over 217,268 women experiencing homelessness according to a 2016 Annual Homeless Assessment report. These people may have to choose between their hygiene health and food. 

Although their freebie promotion will soon end, Knotty Vibes constantly works towards granting all women the right to take care of themselves. 

"A crucial first act is to understand the privilege that one has in comparison to others." the founders said when asked about ways people can help support and uplift disadvantaged women. "[You can] volunteer at women's shelters and free clinics, as these organizations do not have enough funds to afford as much needed human resources. If you can, donate a few dollars to women's charities on a monthly basis; your dollars go further than you think." 

Davis and Oh also say there is power in your platform. "Use your social media as a platform and your voice to raise awareness of issues that affect disadvantaged women. Make sure your feminist activism is intersectional i.e. inclusive of minorities, disabled people, all religious and socioeconomic backgrounds and sexual orientation/identities." And of course, "purchase a sex toy from Knotty Vibes! You get the pleasure of giving back (pun intended)."

(H/T: Teen Vogue)

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