Design A Sweater Online And This Machine Will Make It Ready To Wear

"We are bringing garment manufacturing back to your neighborhood."

How cool would it be if you could personally design your clothes to fit your body and style instead of purchasing something mass produced off the rack? Well, with Kniterate, you can. 

Kniterate is a digital knitting machine that allows users to create custom knitted products such as scarves, sweaters, ties, dresses, and more. With Kniterate's app, users are able to send their designs to a computer-controlled needle to be 3D printed. The machine holds up to six yarn feeders which means designers can use up to six different colors in their patterns. They can either create their own design from scratch or work with one of Kniterate's library of templates. 


"We love knitwear. It's light and breathable, adapts to your body and unlike cut-and-sew, there is almost no waste, because the product is knitted to shape and you can reuse the yarn," the Kniterate team wrote on their website. "We have developed Kniterate because we want everyone to be able to explore knitting's potential. Until now this was only possible with industrial knitting machines, which cost upwards of $50,000, take a lot of space, and are hard to use. With Kniterate, you can make professional knitwear to measure at the click of a button and repeat and share your favorite designs over and over again. We are bringing garment manufacturing back to your neighborhood." 

The Kniterate isn't yet available for purchase, but the Kniterate team is ready to put it into production. They created a Kickstarter to help them do so and, even though it has only been up for five days, they've raised nearly three times their goal. 

We can only hope this means we'll be able to get our hands on one sooner than they thought. 

You can learn more about Kniterate by watching the video below. 


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