Jimmy Kimmel Reveals Kit Harington's Many, Many Auditions For 'Game Of Thrones'

The actor shows off his range.

Game of Thrones premieres its seventh season on HBO this Sunday, so Jimmy Kimmel decided to give us a treat fit for a King in the North — and he recruited star Kit Harington to help him.

According to Kimmel, Harington auditioned for quite a few other roles besides Jon Snow. Lucky for all of us, the host got his hands on the actor's "audition tape," in which he tries his hand at embodying some of our favorite characters on the series, complete with costumes.


First up is Cersei, whose name he could probably do with pronouncing correctly. But at least he looks good in that elaborate wig. Next up, he shares his takes on Arya Stark and Ygritte, complete with a bow and arrow. And don't forget Hodor — we're emotional just thinking about him.

But our favorite by far has to be Harington's take on the Khaleesi herself, Daenerys Targaryen. "Kit playing Dany is the most epic thing in history," one fan wrote on YouTube.

We're surprised Harington got the part of Jon Snow, however, considering he performed one of his auditions as Harry Potter — with a NSFW twist.

"The people who disliked this are WHITE WALKERS!!" another fan wrote, and we'd have to agree.

Watch every entertaining audition in the video below:


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