These Senators Just Introduced A Bipartisan Bill To Stop The Transgender Military Ban

A vote could happen later this week.

After tweeting about a transgender military ban back in July, late last month President Trump formally ordered a reversal of a 2016 order that had finally permitted transgender people to serve openly in the military.

Now, two congresswomen from opposing parties have introduced a bipartisan amendment to protect transgender service members from the president's proposed ban. New York Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand, a Democrat, and Maine Sen. Susan Collins, a Republican, introduced the amendment on September 11.


CNN reports the amendment would prevent the military from expelling transgender service members "solely based on their gender identity."

In a statement obtained by Time magazine Sena. Gillibrand said, "Any individual who wants to join our military and meets the standards should be allowed to serve, period. Gender identity should have nothing to do with it."

Sen. Collins added, "If individuals are willing to put on the uniform of our country, be deployed in war zones, and risk their lives for our freedoms, then we should be expressing our gratitude to them, not trying to exclude them from military service."

Not surprisingly, the bipartisan piece of legislation has already received a great deal of support, some of which you can see below:

And though Republican Sen. John McCain hasn't tweeted about the new amendment, CNN reports in a statement last month the Vietnam veteran said it would be "a step in the wrong direction" to discharge transgender individuals because of gender identity. He echoed that sentiment earlier this week when he told a reporter he was working on halting the ban.

Though it's unclear if Sens. Collins and Gillibrand have the likely 60 votes they'll need for their amendment to pass, the outlet also notes the women are attempting to get a vote on their proposal during consideration of the National Defense Authorization Act — the massive defense policy bill championed by McCain that's on the Senate floor this week — but it remains to be seen if that will happen.


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