Jimmy Kimmel Asks Californians If They Voted In The New York Primaries

Don't forget your complimentary Statue of Liberty.

Yesterday, New Yorkers voted in their 2016 Presidential Primaries. And while over 2 million voters casted a ballot on Tuesday, it's pretty obvious that people in other states didn't vote in New York. But don't tell that to some of the people interviewed on Jimmy Kimmel Live.

"This afternoon, we went out on the street here in Hollywood, to ask people if they voted in the New York primary today," Kimmel said on his show on Tuesday, "which of course is impossible because New York is very far from here."

Kimmel's team went out to the streets of Hollywood in another hilarious segment of "Lie Witness News" and asked Californians if they voted in Tuesday's New York primary in-person.

And of course, even though Los Angeles is over 2,400 miles away from New York, people still boldly lied through their teeth just to get on camera.

In the segment, the interviewer asked people about their New York polling place in California. The people on the streets of Hollywood confirmed that their New York polling places were busy. Someone even confirmed that they took the Long Island ferry to get there, and that being in different time zone was a slight dilemma because "it's a lot of math that you have to do to get there."


Like Kimmel's past "Lie Witness News" segments, this one was full of enjoyable and hilarious moments that you won't find anywhere else.

And if for nothing else, you have to appreciate it when people in Los Angeles who say they voted in the New York primary confirmed that they received their complimentary slice of Ray's Pizza and that they swiped their MetroCard to vote.

Watch the full video:


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