Kimmel Asks Kids Which Is Better: NY Or LA? Their Answers Are Everything

Kids say it best.

Which city is better: Los Angeles or New York? It's a question that has plagued the nation since the big bang — OK, fine, not that long, but for a pretty long time. And if you live on either coast, then you probably have a strong opinion on the subject.

But because adults are usually the ones to weigh in, we have to wonder whether hatred or love for either city is a learned behavior. So, in an effort to get to the very root of the nature vs nurture issue, Jimmy Kimmel and his crew took to the streets of both cities to ask the "purest" people — kids, that is — to reveal their true feelings about their homes. 

Kids from LA were asked about NY, and vice versa. Though their answers won't likely put an end to the debate, they are pretty hilarious. 

Take a look: 


What do you think about people from Los Angeles? "I think that they're mostly into plastic surgery, because they really want to look perfect."

What's the worst thing about New York? "Uh, Donald Trump's there."

What have you heard about people from LA? "[They're] not really on the bright side."

What do you think about people from New York? "Um, people are crazy."

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