This Woman Has Taken In 93 Senior Dogs To Date And Cares For Them When They Need It Most

"Senior dogs, they love you no matter what."

If it seems like everyone wants to get a puppy when they mention that they're adopting a pet, that's because it's the truth. Unfortunately, senior dogs — which are defined as canines aged 7 or older — are usually the last to be adopted, if they're even adopted at all. One woman, Kim Skarritt, is working hard to ensure that won't be the case for our four-legged friends.


Skarritt runs the Silver Muzzle Cottage  — a dog rescue located in Elk Rapids, Mich. — and it's the state's only dog hospice. She doesn't want to see them die alone in a shelter so her organization is in place to intervene and, to date, has taken in 93 dogs.

"We make sure that they leave this world with a family or somebody that loves them and that they know when they left this world that they mattered to somebody," Skarritt said in a 60 Second Docs video.

Skarritt notes that "dog homelessness is a real serious problem" and that's mainly because people view senior dogs "as money pits" or "difficult to care for" — but they're just wrong. According to a 2015 piece from the ASPCA, senior dogs only make up 12 percent of intake but senior dog adoption is just 25 percent — while younger dogs are at 60 percent. That said, a 2017 study from The Grey Muzzle Organization says the future has gotten brighter for senior dogs in terms of adoption, though we don't get an update on percentages.

Silver Muzzle Cottage doesn't only take care of dogs in their time of need, but also gets them around some people who might understand what they're going through: senior citizens.

"They don't ask for anything, they're happy to just lay around and be loved on," Skarritt notes. "Once a week they meet two-legged seniors in nursing care facilities. A lot of these people are lonely so there's a huge benefit, experiencing that unconditional love. Senior dogs, they love you no matter what."

Check out Skarritt's 60 Second Docs piece here:


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