This Outspoken Christian Minister Is Fighting For Her Transgender Daughter's Bathroom Rights

“This is the face of a transgender girl in Texas."

Kim Shappley is not your stereotypical devout Evangelical minister and Republican from Texas — she is also becoming an influential LGBT advocate by fighting for her transgender daughter's bathroom rights.

5-year-old Kai is about to begin kindergarten soon and Shappley is worried that her daughter won't have access to the bathroom that corresponds to her gender identity.

After the U.S. Supreme Court blocked President Obama's transgender bathroom directive, many schools in Texas declared that students could only use the restroom that corresponds to the gender on their birth certificate. Shappley's local school district in Pearland also shared that stance.

"A hostile, vocal minority now rules in America aided by an apathetic, unengaged majority," superintendent Dr. John Kelly told The Pearland Journal. "What's next? Legalizing pedophilia and polygamy? Unless we return to the Biblical basis on which our nation's laws were established, we are in serious trouble — and cannot expect God's continued favor."

Shappley went to the school board and spoke out against the superintendent who she said "has a very strong, prejudiced stance against the LGBTQ community."

"This is the face of a transgender girl in Texas," Shappley said, while holding a photograph of Kai at a press conference. "I want you to look at this little girl, my little girl. Do we as a state want to force her into a men's bathroom? We are targeting innocent little kids for political gain."


Although the school board kept their original ruling intact, Shappley said that she will take her fight to the state capitol to make sure that her daughter feels welcomed in her school — and not alienated.

In the meantime, according to Pink News, Shappley has a special message to her fellow religious congregants to join her as she campaigns for love and mercy.

"My kid is five years old, and she is committing no sin by being her authentic self, and I am committing no sin as her mother by helping her turn into everything that she was meant to be."

(H/T: Pink News)


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