Kim Chi Explains Why Being A Drag Queen Is So Freeing While Applying A Full Look

"In a way, I feel invincible being in drag."

Three years ago, one man was approached by a friend to dress up in drag for Halloween. That night, Kim Chi was born — and she has no plans of stopping. 

"When I'm dressed up as Kim Chi I feel like I could do anything," the famed drag queen tells Elle magazine in a video interview. In a mesmerizing display of makeup application and artistry, Kim Chi continues: "I feel like when I'm in the persona, I get to be as stupid as I want, I get to be as loud as I want, I get to be as obnoxious as I want. In a way, I feel invincible being in drag. Out of drag, I'm kind of like a quiet, shy person. I definitely feel more confidence when I'm Kim Chi." 

According to Kim Chi, that confidence is further established through hair, makeup, and clothing: "it's fantasy," she says. 


"My goal in drag is to look different every time I'm in it," Kim Chi continues in the video, emphasizing the creative aspect of an art in which her face is a "blank canvas" for expression.

The video interview is yet another example of just how powerful fashion and beauty can be as a form of creativity and individuality — and we love every second of it.

Be sure to watch the full video below for more:


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