Skateboarding Can't Be Poetic? Watch This Skater 'Searching Sirocco.'


You might be familiar with Kilian Martin, a freestyle skateboarder who took the Internet by storm a couple of years back with his gorgeous skateboarding videos. If you haven't watched them yet, you are missing out. Big time.

But no need to stress. We've got you covered.

Martin is back with another video and it's even more stunning than before. The title is "Searching Sirocco" and was shot by Bret Novak, the mastermind behind  Martin's previous videos

"When I was a small boy, my family took a vacation to the Canary Islands. That's where I felt my first real Sirocco, a very strong and hot wind that sweeps across the land." That's how Martin explained the idea behind the video to Rolling Stone. "It causes a complete change to your mind and body. Whatever you are doing in that moment, wherever you are, all your senses are brought to a new and intense awakening. My skateboarding is my experience, and my expression."

From the salt flats in Utah to the streets of New York, his ride is just beautiful poetry. On a skateboard.

Scroll down to watch the entire video.



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