People Dance Next To The Age They FEEL Like, Not The Age They Are. The Result Is Pure Magic.

Age is more than just a number.

We love to document babies as they grow, and all of their "firsts." Their first words, their first steps, how their bodies change and stretch. (Who hasn't stood against a door frame as their mother or father drew a line just above their heads?)

But when do we go from "growing up" to "growing old?" And what is "old" for that matter?

While some would argue that all of these questions can be answered by simply peeking into one's birth certificate, most people feel age is much more than just a number scribbled on a piece of paper. You can easily be an 80-year-old lady with a spirit much wilder than that of a 20-something.

To prove that "the age you feel doesn't have to match the age you're given," skin care brand Kiehl's produced the incredibly upbeat video "Act Any Age."


Kiehl's gathered a bunch of people from all age groups and asked them to pick a balloon that represents how old they FEEL, not how old they are.

Meet Eiko. She chose a "4" balloon and perfectly embraced her joyful, childlike side.

Here's Robert, the ultimate rockstar doing a little shimmy next to his balloon. Robert FEELS 40, and not a day older.

According to Fast Company, Kiehl's video was inspired by an experiment from 1981. Harvard psychology professor Ellen Langer invited men in their 70s to live for a week in a house set up to look like it was 1959.

The men were dressed in the previous era's clothing and were exposed to media from when they were 22 years younger. After the experiment was finished, researchers ran some tests to find that all participants seemed to have been rejuvenated.

The men showed significant improvements in flexibility, posture, hearing, vision, even intelligence. They turned back the clock by pretending to be younger.

Per Kiehl's president Chris Salgardo, their campaign "is about embracing our 'second age' – the age we feel" and hopes to inspire people to think and act beyond their prescribed number.

Watch the full video below and let us know which balloon would you choose.

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