5 Amazing Kids Fighting Cancer Were Interviewed About Their Happy Places. This Is What They Look Like.

It's what they don't include that's most important.

Having a mental sanctuary where you can go to get away from the stress and pain of real life can be extremely important for people battling different issues. For children fighting cancer, going to your happy place can be extremely helpful during difficult times in their treatment. 

"For young patients battling childhood cancer at the Aflac Cancer & Blood Disorders Center, the practice of 'going to your happy place' is more than just a catchphrase,' " the Children's Healthcare of Atlanta blog explains. "It's a coping mechanism that can release endorphins and assists with pain management."

Health care workers at the hospital wanted to turn the happy places their young cancer patients were imagining in their heads into a place they could see on paper. 

Five kids were interviewed about the mental sanctuaries they go to when things get rough. Their unique happy places filled with bright colors, unicorns and walrus wizards were then into turned into an amazing photo series and video. 


Check out what their happy places look like:

1. Hunter’s Happy Place: A Land Of Dolphin Rides And Walrus Wizards

Courtesy of Children's Healthcare of Atlanta 

Thirteen-year-old Hunter was diagnosed with a brain tumor last year that then turned into brain cancer. 

He's endured surgery, chemotherapy, radiation and in-patient rehab. When all of this becomes too much, Hunter goes to his happy place where there's no cancer or wheelchair. 

It's just him, a wizard walrus and happy, flying animals. 

2. Justice’s Happy Place: Italian Picnic Surrounded By Wild Animals

Courtesy of Children's Healthcare of Atlanta 

Sixteen-year-old Justice is battling acute lymphoblastic leukemia. She often finds herself feeling frustrated, trapped and angry at her disease. 

But in her happy place, you won't find any negative feelings. 

What you will find is a beautiful oasis covered in greenery, mossy cobble stones and butterflies. The air feels like autumn and smells like delicious food. Down the cobblestone path, there's a gorgeous Italian castle. 

3. Lauren’s Happy Place: Where Everything Is Sparkly

Courtesy of Children's Healthcare of Atlanta 

Eleven-year-old Lauren endured years of chemotherapy and long hospital stays to treat the atypical teratoid rhabdoid tumor in her brain. She is now cancer free. 

Lauren had to make many visits to her happy place during her treatment. Her magical mental sanctuary filled with all of her favorite colors: pink, purple and blue. There, she meets with hangs out with unicorns, fairies and her therapy dog Hope, who she feeds strawberries to. 

Oh, and absolutely everything is sparkly. 

4. Mya’s Happy Place: Rio de Janiero

Courtesy of Children's Healthcare of Atlanta 

Eleven-year-old Mya was diagnosed with bone cancer last February. For her, that meant seemingly endless doctor visits, chemotherapy and eventually having her leg amputated just above the knee

In Mya's happy place, where she goes to cope, she doesn't need crutches or a wheelchair. 

Instead, her happy place is Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, where she enjoys the sun and ocean breeze. No matter where she looks while there, she's able to see the iconic Christ the Redeemer statue. 

That might just be her favorite part. 

5. Alex’s Happy Place: Home

Courtesy of Children's Healthcare of Atlanta 

When he was 4 years old, Alex was diagnosed with T-cell leukemia and acute myeloid leukemia. For the next three and half years, he went through chemotherapy, a bone marrow transplant and spinal taps. 

During the long hospital stays and painful treatment, Alex spent a lot of time thinking about his happy place. When asked what his happy place looks like, he says "home." That's where his framed baseball cards, Legos, television and favorite instruments are. 

There's nothing reminiscent of hospitals or chemotherapy in his happy place. 

Now, four years after his diagnosis, Alex is living cancer free. His happy place became his reality. 

So how did the kids react when they saw their happy places come to life on paper? Check out the video to find out ...

(H/T: Huffington Post)

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