Kids Try Foods They Have No Idea Are Actually Vegan — And Give Their Honest Take

"It's better than McDonald's."

The kids over at Cut Video are back to take bites into some unfamiliar foods — and this time, they've got their hands on some vegan fare. If you've never seen the YouTube channel's Kid Try series, a group of American children close their eyes and, when they open them, a plate of food appears. The food items fall under a particular theme for each video, such as Filipino food, or popular Christmas dishes from around the world

In the latest installment, the kids were first served up meatless chicken nuggets, loaded vegan nachos, a vegan bacon cheeseburger, and a soy ice cream sandwich. The ingredients were kept secret at first, so many of the kids had no idea what they were eating was vegan. In addition, most of the kids had never heard of veganism. 

"It's better than McDonald's," one boy says after taking a bite of a meatless chicken nugget. "Even better than the Baconator." 

Interestingly enough, the kids were extremely surprised to learn there was no cheese in the nachos, no meat in the burger, and no milk in the ice cream. They couldn't tell the difference — and they really seemed to enjoy what they were eating. One girl even gave her vegan bacon cheeseburger several kisses. 


After eating and enjoying all of this food, the kids were asked to give their final thoughts on veganism. Despite how much they all seemed to like the food they were eating, most of the kids didn't seem to want to give up meat. Some even said they felt sad for vegans. But, at the end of the video, one little girl made a declaration, "I love vegan food," she crowed. 

One commenter found the video to be a common representation of people's attitudes toward veganism and shared an interesting opinion on the matter. "I mean, this is cute and all, but it's a pretty good showcase of how simple-minded and stubborn both some non-vegans and some vegans are like. These kids enjoyed all of the food, and couldn't even tell the difference from non-vegan products, and yet for some reason, they just felt like being vegan was a bad thing, which probably is coming from the impressions of adults, or the idea that you 'can't have some things,' the commenter wrote. "Many people just revolt at even the idea of being a vegan/vegetarian out of nothing but pig-headedness. Yet on the other side, you have many vegans acting like everyone who doesn't join them are actively out to poison the world and are worse than Satan, and trying to impose their lifestyle choices on others. Would be nice if we just taught our kids (and each other) to be a bit more open-minded, and consider the pros and cons of ideas before writing them off." 

It's unclear whether the kids were given comprehensive information about the benefits of veganism, such as reducing your carbon footprint and helping to prevent the exploitation of animals, but videos like these help to open up the conversation with people both young and old. Maybe it'll inspire you to have one, too. 


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