Kids Try Frog Legs Without Knowing It And Their Reactions Are Priceless

"The most best chicken."

Lets face it. People around the world eat pretty bizarre things. Say, tuna eyeballs, scorpions or, as we mentioned in our recent article titled Korean Girls Try American Snacks And They Are Not Impressed To Say The Least, Pop-Tarts. 

Now, France is home to such gourmet goodies as Roquefort cheese, foie gras and... frog legs. Yep, frog legs. Let's just say, "yummy" is not the first word that pops in most of our minds. But perhaps it should be?

The creators behind the React channel on Youtube decided to test things out. And who else's opinion could we count on if not those of adorable children? Scroll down to see what happens when eight kids feast on frog legs without realizing what they are, in fact, eating.


Kids get served frog legs...

... without knowing what it actually is.

Game on, food!

Ok... so it looks a tad funny.

Yep. Certainly a leg.

Lets dig in.

Om nom nom.

Pretty delicious.

Just one more bite. It's too good.

"Tastes like chicken. It looks like chicken. It feels like chicken. It smells like chicken," recaps one of the kids.

"This is the most best chicken I've ever tasted in my life. And I'm honest," says another one.

Not so fast.

It's actually frog meat, not chicken.

And yet all little foodies would recommend frog legs to others.

Yes, yes, yes.

Watch the entire video below.

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