Kids Try Coffee For The First Time And Their Reactions Are Nothing Short Of Hilarious

"This is gonna be gross."

We're sure you know plenty of adults who are overwhelmingly obsessed with coffee — whether they make multiple trips to the pot to refill during the workday or stop at every coffee shop within a 10 block radius — they, or should I say we, cannot help it.

But what do kids think about coffee?

In a new video for Buzzfeed, kids try coffee for the first time and their priceless, hilarious reactions are recorded on camera. 

First, they anticipate what it will taste like and explain why or why not they'd want to drink it.


"Coffee stops you from growing. That's why I don't want to drink it — because then I would be like this little for my whole entire life."

"It smells like broccoli," one girl says before taking a sip.

Cue the taste test.

Their facial reactions are everything.

On a scale of "one to 100, it would be... zero," one boy says. 

"It thought it would actually taste a little better than this," a girl adds, pushing her cup away. 

Be sure to watch all of their reactions below:


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