Kids Try Coffee From Around The World And Things Don't Go So Well

"The taste of crazy adults."

"I think this is from the place where a bunch of adults are crazy on coffee," one young boy says at the start of a video for Cut. 

In the video, American kids are offered various coffees from around the world, including France's café au lait, and Italy's espresso and soda water mix. 

With that, the kids taste test each of the coffees in front of a camera that's there to capture their very honest, very hilarious reactions.


"Oh, I just drank coffee. Oh no," one kid says after taking a sip.

"Something tells me this is not chocolate milk."

And even though some of the kids like Germany's Eiskaffe at first, they quickly change their minds.

Perhaps we'll leave the coffee to us "crazy" adults. 

Check out the full video below for more:


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