Kids Taste Test Lunches From 1900 Through 2000, And We Watch Their Hilarious Reactions

"Nobody eats this. I eat what's trending."

What did you pack for lunch when you were a kid?

In a new video for Bon Appétit, kids taste test brown bag lunches from various decades throughout the 1900s until they land at a typical lunch in 2000. 

Throughout the video, the kids have very mixed reviews of the brown-bagged lunches, some of which feature spamwiches, pickles, Cheeze Wiz, bologna, and Twinkies. 

For example, the kids test a lunch reminiscent of the 1910s: some milk, an apple, a tomato sandwich, and pickles.

"It tastes like sadness," one boy says. "I think it's how they made hamburgers back then."

Later, after trying a 1950s-style lunch, complete with a meatloaf sandwich, potato salad, and Cheese Wiz, an interviewer asks one girl what she would say if her mom packed this lunch for her.

She responds:


"Thank you for the effort, but I'm not really into this kind of thing."

At least she's polite about it.

For more hilarious reactions, be sure to check out the full video below:

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