Kids Tried 100 Years Of Airplane Food And Had Very, Very Strong Feelings

"Definitely I will never ever have that drink ever again."

The airline food of today doesn't exactly have the best reputation. Even at its very best, it's often still underwhelming.  But food served on planes has actually changed a lot in the past century.

In a new video for Bon Appetit, airplane fare was scrutinized by some of food's biggest critics: kids. They were presented with typical airline lunches from the past 100 years to taste-test.

 From Charles Lindberg and Amelia Amelia Earhart's first in-flight meals, to the filet mignon and cremini mushrooms of the 1940s, to the quinoa and kale options of today, the kids were more and more surprised by each dish. 

As each meal comes out, the children react to the presentation, taste, and texture of each decade and don't hold back. They make it pretty obvious that Bloody Mary mix is completely disgusting. 


Aside from the mix, we're pretty sure some of these kids plan to stay away from quinoa, caviar, and salted peanuts. Luckily, they had some pizza, pastries, and smoked turkey sandwiches with mayo to satiate their appetites. 

Watching these kids react to airline food of the past is definitely entertaining and educational, but it's also a great reminder of the fun of trying new things. It may just inspire you to do some grocery shopping in aisles you never visit. 

Watch the video below:

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