Kids Are Asked What They're Thankful For. Their Answers Are Utterly Ridiculous And Hilarious.

"Sushi and garbanzo beans."

As Thanksgiving nears, one question looms over us all: "What are you thankful for?" Adults tend to answer this question with a list of the usual stuff: Friends, family, the fact they could pay their bills on time this year... But kids, with a little more imagination, have a much more interesting range of answers to the question. 

So the team on Jimmy Kimmel Live decided to go to an outdoor mall in Los Angeles to ask kids what they are thankful for this year. 

"It's especially important that children understand that Thanksgiving isn't just about men with belt buckles on their hats, it's a time to give thanks," it says in Kimmel's video description. "So we went to a popular outdoor mall in L.A. and asked kids what they're thankful for." 

Find out below what these kids are thankful for. Their answers are so good. 


"Sushi and garbanzo beans."

"I'm thankful for having food. Turkey, gravy, chicken, fried chicken, nachos, Doritos, chili fries, ice cream, cake, a cupcake, bacon and pancakes... uh... waffles, chips... um... yogurt, corn, lettuce... and that's it."

"Not flying United Airlines. I hate them."

Check out the full video below:


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