Kids Discuss What They Have Planned For Their Weddings


Getting married is a big deal. So it's no surprise that sometimes, even as kids, we start planning and thinking about our wedding day details.

And in a video for "Brides" magazine, kids discuss exactly what it means to find someone you love, and just how they envision their wedding days to play out.

From the proposals, to what the bride will wear, to the venue's decor and, of course, what they'll be having for dessert, here's what these kids have planned.


On love:

"You feel it in your guts. You just feel it in your mind. You feel it in your heart. You just really wanna know this girl. You really love her and you think she's beautiful."

Another little girl in the video explains that she'll know she's in love when she feels a little nervous.

On proposals:

"My dad told me not to get married 'til I'm 35!"

Alternatively, in one boy's proposal description, he plans on starting off by saying "I love you so much, I think I'm ready," before popping the question.

On decor:

"A lot of sparkles."

And at least two of the kids seem adamant about their chocolate cake.

But what will the bride wear?

"One million pounds of glitter," of course.

Check out the video below for more adorable responses:

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