Remind Your Kids Never To Talk To Strangers. Here's Why.

This is important.

"Over 700 children are abducted a day. That's over a quarter million a year. Are your kids safe?"


That's the question YouTuber Joeysalads asked in a social experiment video he conducted to test whether or not kids would talk to strangers in a public setting. 

But first, he asked their parents: If a stranger talked to your child, would they run or stay?

"Pretty sure she's not going to talk to you," one mother responded.

Another said she tells her son not to talk to strangers everyday, and that he'd run back to her if Joey approached.

But in each test, the parents were wrong.

In fact, in less than a minute, Joey was able to convince each kid to play with his puppy, and then follow him, by the hand, to see his "other puppies."

It was too easy.

Way too easy.

According to the National Crime Prevention Council (NCPC), a stranger is anyone the family doesn't know. Moreover, not all strangers look scary, and it is important to remind children to be careful around anyone they're unfamiliar with. 

Additionally, parents shouldn't make it seem like all strangers are bad. For example, "safe strangers" are people children can talk to in a time of need, like police officers and firefighters. 

In a dangerous situation involving a stranger, the NCPC says to teach children to say no, run away, yell and tell a trusted adult what happened. They've also got plenty of tips for helping parents teach their children how to stay safe, like pointing out safe places. 

Watch the full video below:

Kudos to these parents for doing their best to teach their children how to stay safe. But still, this is an alarming reminder of how important it is to teach kids about stranger danger.

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