Watch These Kids Talk About Their Real-Life Superhero Sightings

"He came and destroyed the mosquitoes."

Long shiny cape, leotards and some invincible superpower. That's how most of us imagine our superheroes to be.

But if you're a kid living in the toughest parts of the world, they look much different.

Save the Children International interviewed children from underserved communities in India, Kenya and Mexico about their superhero sightings. Kids claimed to have seen mysterious figures came from the sky and do things only superheroes can do.


"The key to this project was the imagination of the kids. It was important that we only planted the seed of a story in their minds, and then let them run away with that story in the way only a child can," director Jacob Proud of Unit 9 told Adweek

The idea behind this video is that in reality superheroes don't wear nifty costumes or fly around all day fighting bad guys. Real world superheroes are ordinary people choosing to help the ones in need. It proves anyone can be a superhero.

(H/T: Business Insider)


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