Young Girls Receive Unfair Payment In Social Experiment To Demonstrate The Gender Wage Gap

"I have no words, it's so wrong."

It's no secret that the gender wage gap is a real global issue. In fact, we are so far away from equal pay, that a 2015 World Economic Forum report suggested it may take up to 118 years for the wage gap to finally close. To give you an idea: In 2015 women were earning as much as men did in 2006. 

For March 8 International Women's Day, ANZ Australia, the fourth largest bank in Australia, decided to highlight this issue by performed a little social experiment: Brothers and sisters were asked to perform various chores. But while the amount of work they did was equal, their pay was representative of the current gender wage gap.


Watch their reactions to the unfair payment in the video below:

After they received their pay, each child had something to say and it wasn't "thank you." 

"Why does he get $5?"

ANZ Australia / YouTube

"What we're trying to tell you is that it's not fair that boys get paid more than girls."

ANZ Australia / YouTube

On ANZ Women's website, they write: "In many aspects of their lives, girls start out ahead. So how do they fall so far behind? As soon as they enter the workforce, women start to earn less money than men. Put simply, the system is not designed for women to succeed. It's time we created one that is."

In order to change the status quo,  ANZ Australia has launched several initiatives.

"Women and men should have the same money."

ANZ Australia / YouTube

One of the little girls in the video sums it all up best, "Ugh. I have no words, it's so wrong."

We can all work together to make change come faster. No one wants to wait 118 years. 

(H/T: Mirror)


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