Teens Reading Mean Tweets Expose The Dark Realities Of Cyberbullying

"Hey Devon. Nice tits."

When Oscar winner Matt Damon reads a mean Tweet telling him "to go buy another zoo and live in it," it's pretty hilarious. Because any grown-up realizes that this hatred is from someone feeling frustrated or jealous. You'd think laughing it off is the obvious solution, right? Perhaps not for everyone.

When a teen girl sees a Tweet claiming she "would be rated E for everyone" if she was a video game, that's an entirely different story.

"Adult celebrities have the maturity and confidence to overcome these hurtful words. Children don't," explains Stu Auty, President of the Canadian Safe School Network, a non-profit that aims to reduce youth violence, on the organization's website. "For regular kids, words can cut like a knife. Cyber-bullying is an epidemic that invades their lives and leaves many feeling like there's no way out."

The Canadian Safe School Network teamed up with Toronto-based advertising agency john st. to produce this eye-opening video, which features a bunch of teens reading mean tweets about themselves. Suddenly, it's not so funny.


"I'm not saying Jessica's a whore but if she were a video game she'd be rated E for everyone."

"Hey tiffany, which corner store, nail salon or dry cleaner do your parents own??"

"Ethan, are ur parents brother and sister? Because ur face looks retarded."

Watch the entire video below.

Cyberbullying is no laughing matter.


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