Kids React To Classic Madonna Music Videos And Make Some Interesting Observations

"Lady Gaga when she was young?"

We've seen kids react to everything from the Kylie Jenner Lip Challenge to Adele music videos, and in a new video from the Fine Brothers, it was Madonna's turn to get critiqued by some of today's youngest music fans.

There may need to be a sequel to this video titled "Madonna Fans React To Kids Reacting To Madonna," because the Queen of Pop's most die-hard devotees — and even casual listeners — will probably be shocked to learn that most of the kids can't figure out who she is.

"This song's old, right? Like, really old?" asks 11-year-old Royel about the "Material Girl" video


One of the most common observations is how much Madonna's look changes from video to video. "Is that her?" marvels 9-year-old Jenna at the "Like a Prayer" video. When they reach her "Ray of Light" phase, 11-year-old Janelle comments, "She looks like a different person."

"Who is this singer you're showing me?" asks 8-year-old Jake at one point. "Lady Gaga when she was young?"

The kids end the video by hearing some interesting facts about Madonna. When they learn that some people were uncomfortable about her music addressing issues such as racism, they share some wise words.

"With her popularity back then, it would be a good idea to talk about it," says 13-year-old Alex.

"Her songs were so good and catchy, but they also delivered a message, which would get people listening to her a lot," adds Anita, 11.

Check out all the kids' reactions in the video below:


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