Teens React To Some Of The ‘90s Biggest Hit Songs With Head Nods And Puzzled Looks

“Is this ‘Say My Name’ by … Mariah … Carey?”

Sure, a lot of kids know Beyoncé started out in Destiny's Child … but do they know other 1990s musical acts, such as Madonna or Pearl Jam? What about Lauryn Hill and Jewel?

The producers of the REACT channel on YouTube found out recently by quizzing teens on the hits that burned up the Billboard charts two decades ago. (These same producers are behind the viral videos of kids reacting to Madonna and to Adele, teens trying to guess pop-punk songs, and parents reacting to today's hits.)


"I was born there, but at the same time, my mom raised me on it because that's all she listened to, so I feel like it's my element," a participant named Brooklin says in this '90s quiz video.

Check it out below:

As soon as Pearl Jam's "Alive" comes on, though, Brooklin changes her tune. "I lied," she says. "This isn't my element."

Alberto doesn't know the song either. "Pearl Jam," he says upon hearing the answer. "That sounds familiar, but the song doesn't"

A lot of the teens know Madonna — if not by her iconic status then at least by her "4 Minutes" collaboration with Justin Timberlake — but some don't know her song "Vogue."

"It sounds, like, more '70s, '80s," Thomas says of the song. "Like, the upbeat, kinda disco thing."

Lauryn Hill's "Doo Wop (That Thing)," however, is a bigger hit for these kids. 

"That's the jam!" Will says. "I still listen to that song … She's an amazing rapper, and she always speaks the truth."

"I remember seeing her for the first time," says Brooklin. "That was the first time I ever had chills from hearing someone sing."

"Female vocalists from the '90s will always be my favorite," Tori explains.

But Not even Tori could identify the next female vocalist from the '90s: Jewel. The other participants couldn't either, nor could they identify the song, "You Were Meant For Me."

"She reminds me of Taylor Swift," Will observes. "Well, you know, before she was 'dead.' "

They were inspired, though, when they heard Jewel was homeless when her music career started. 

"That just shows how, like, no matter where you come from, you can always be successful and you can always make it just with a lot of hard work and dedication," says Will.

The last track, "Say My Name" by Destiny's Child, is the most recognizable for these teens, but Bey's voice still stumped some.

"Is this 'Say My Name' by … Mariah … Carey?" Alberto asks. 

"'Say My Name' [by] Spice Girls?" Dylan guesses.

All told, the teens didn't exactly pass the test with flying colors, but it is impressive how many of the songs they did know. 

"Just because I was born in the late '90s, [people] would be like, 'How would you know Destiny's Child?' " says Brooklin. "Because my mama taught me right!"


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