Who Should Pay On A First Date, According To The Real Experts — Kids

"Whoever likes the person better."

Time and time again we have asked the question, "Who should pay on the first date?" The majority of us are taught the man is supposed to pay, but it's high time we throw those outdated heteronormative "rules" out the window! But what do the experts have to say on the topic? 

YouTube Channel Canoodle Content decided to ask them in their latest episode of their Kids On series, where kids are interviewed on various topics. Some are dead set on the idea that a man should pay ALWAYS, others are a little more lenient and assert whoever asks the other person out should pay. They all have different things to say on the topic, but all are adorable while saying it. 


"Whoever likes the person better."

"[The man has to pay] until they [the woman] says 'I'll never break up with you.' "

Watch the video below to hear their words of wisdom.


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