21 Hilarious Times Kids Crushed Their Presidential Meet-And-Greet

We'd be just as excited to meet these kids.

Getting starstruck happens to the best of us. Meeting huge figures like, say, President Barack Obama would probably overwhelm anyone and everyone, and these little kids' faces prove even the tiniest among us aren't immune. Check out the fantastic variety of their reactions below.


1. This baby remembers that face from somewhere...

2. This kid definitely remembers.

3. There's lots to investigate.

4. Some treat the occasion very seriously.

5. He's got a point.

6. So does he

7. Not everyone gets the memo.

8. This scout kept his cool.

9. She's been more impressed.

10. This pair was pumped.

11. As was this baby.

12. This baby's had better flights.

13. Casual window fulla babies.

14. Three of the same excited faces.

15. Yep, they're pumped.

16. Almost as interesting as that pumpkin man in the top right.

17. You can't win em all.

18. You need to work for those high-fives, kid.

19. Sometimes the adults' faces make the photo.

20. BFFs.

21. Yep, same hair.


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