Kids Meet A Guide Dog For The Blind And Learn About Living Without Sight

"Wow! He's a pretty smart dog then!"

The kids who appear on Cut's youth-focused YouTube channel HiHo Kids get to do tons of interesting and different things. From taste-testing Christmas foods served around the world to working with an illustrator to draw what love looks like, the kids have the opportunity to learn a lot outside of their classrooms. 

But it's the series Kids Meet that really opens up their world. In it, kids interview people with different life experiences such as a photographer with Tar Syndrome, a woman who's living with Alzheimer's, and a kid who survived cancer. They've also met with people who have interesting careers like a female firefighter, a magician, and even good ol' Santa Claus. The series gives these children a chance to learn a little more about what it's like to be in someone else's shoes.


In the latest installment, they got to meet a furry friend named Egan who also has an important job. Egan is a guide dog for the blind. On set, the kids met with Egan and his owner Camille. Camille explained how Egan helps her get from place to place safely. 

"If I start coming and a car is coming for some reason, he would stop and pull me back," Camille said. 

"Wow! He's a pretty smart dog then!" one of the boys replied, clearly impressed. 

The kids also learned more about what it's like to live with blindness. 

"What's the hardest part about being blind?" one boy asked.

"I think the hardest part is not being able to see my people — seeing my kids," Camille said. "Being blind, you lose some things but you gain other things. Because of my loss of sight I got Egan, my good working dog." 

But the sweetest moment of the video was when one of the kids innocently wanted to know, "Do you love Egan?"

"I love him so much," Camille said. 


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