The Way These Kids Respond To Caitlyn Jenner Will Make You Feel Old — But Good


There are all sorts of reasons adults choose to shelter children from the "adult situations" (aka realities) of life. Many of us might remember the first time we watched a local newscast and took to our parents' bed that night, too horrified and disturbed to sleep alone in such a dark and confusing world. 

This video seems to prove that kids can not only handle "adult situations," but that they often respond to them in a far more mature way than "grown ups." 

Marvel with us at the way these young minds of the 21st century have been trained to think. They're philosophic, articulate and accepting — but perhaps the most impressive characteristic they all share is their empathy.   

They learned about Caitlyn Jenner's heavily publicized transition to being who she always was and, while they might not have had much prior experience with people who are transgender, they opened their minds and added their own little voices to the conversation.  

Here's how it went: 

SheKnows Media's Hatch program showed the kids two pictures...  


The first was of an athlete the kids described as having "really strong arms."

The second was a glamorous woman who they all agreed looked confident and happy.

But then they were told that these two pictures were of the same person.

They responded by approving of and supporting Jenner in her new life.

One boy did have a hard time understanding it. But he'll get there.

Most of the kids were supportive from the start.

We wish this was the happy ending of the video but, unfortunately, it's not. 

The kids were then exposed to those dark realities we were telling you about: the mean backlash from Internet trolls and hateful strangers.  

That's the part we try to hide from children so we never have to see them make faces like this:

But the kids even opened their hearts for the haters.

These kids give us hope that future generations just might be the ones to make this world a kinder, brighter, more peaceful place. 

... And the winner for most existentially conscious kid in the world:

Watch the full video below for more nuggets of wisdom:


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