These Kids Are Taking Karate Classes To Help Beat Their Worst Invisible Enemy

Take that, cancer!

Imagine if Chris Pratt's "Parks and Recreation" spoof show "Johhny Karate" came to life to teach kids about all the important things in life.


There's actually something pretty similar happening in Detroit. Meet Rabbi Elimelech Goldberg. He's teaching kids diagnosed with cancer how to karate chop their illnesses and fears.

After losing his 2-year-old daughter to leukemia, Goldberg, who also goes by the name Rabbi G, started an empowerment program for children battling all sorts of illnesses. 

Titled "Kids Kicking Cancer," the program teaches kids the basics of martial arts, meditation and relaxation techniques, all of which help them to take control of the situation. Rabbi G says his goal is to empower sick children to heal physically, spiritually and emotionally.

"In martial arts, you learn that pain is a message you don't have to listen to," he explains in the AP video below.

Although it has been scientifically proven that mental attitude doesn't affect cancer growth, many patients, including Goldberg's little heroes, claim that well-being of both the mind and the body hugely impacts patients' quality of life and lowers their risk of depression.

"Kids Kicking Cancer" is a nonprofit organization so all the classes are free. Usually, they are taught by Rabbi G's former students who have defeated their illnesses and now want to give back and help the community.

To find out more about "Kids Kicking Cancer," please visit the organization's website.

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