Kids Sit Down With Santa For An Interview And Ask Him Their Most Pressing Questions

"Do you workout?"

When kids go to see Santa Claus to get their picture taken, they usually don't get much time to chat. So, the team over at HiHo Kids decided to give a few children the opportunity to ask the the 1,743-year-old some of their most pressing questions in a recent video. The video is part of a series in which kids sit down with people with different experiences — such as a woman living with Alzheimer's, a police officer, a magician, or a man with muscular dystrophy — and learn more about their day-to-day lives. 

Just watching these kids open their eyes to find out that the person they're meeting with today is Santa is enough to make your heart grow three sizes. "I'm really happy you're here. I'm really excited," one little girl tells him. 

Also, can we just take a moment to appreciate how on point Santa's #OOTD is in this video? His millennial pink vest and muted green flex pants are so 2017, it hurts. 


So, what do these previous children want to know about good, old Father Christmas, you ask? Here are few of their choice inquiries: 

"Do you workout?"

"How did you meet Mrs. Claus?" 

"What color is your toothbrush?"

"What is your favorite dinosaur?"

"Have you ever crashed your sleigh?" 

"Are you ever going to retire?" 

And, of course, after Santa confirmed he has, in fact, given out coal before, a few kids wanted to know if they'd be making the Naughty or Nice List this year. 

See Santa's answers to these questions and more in the video below. 


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