Kids Interview A Female Firefighter, And It's Another Example Of How Important Representation Is

"I was asking my mom in the car if girls could be firefighters."

Both boys and girls should grow up knowing their gender won't limit their career choices. However, because the jobs of men and women are not equally represented in media, many kids may not know that jobs are gender neutral. 

In a recent video for HiHo Kids, a group of children got to sit down with a female firefighter — and ask her all their burning questions. Being a firefighter is an interesting profession in and of itself, but, because it's a male-dominated field, it was even more fascinating to hear about it from a woman's perspective.


"I was asking my mom in the car if girls could be firefighters," one little girl said. 

"You were?" Anne, the firefighter, replied. "What did she say?"

"She said 'yes!'" the girl said. 

"She's right. Girls can be firefighters!" Anne said. 

Another young girl wanted to know how many other women Anne works with. 

"There are seven women who work at my fire department," Anne said. 

"How many boys?" another girl asked. 

"About 130," Anne explained. 

The girl blinked a few times in disbelief. "What in the world?" 

People like Anne are paving the way for more women to become firefighters — and sharing their stories with young girls might just inspire them to want to venture into otherwise male-dominated fields, too. 

See what other questions kids had for her in the video above.


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