Watch Kids Ask Ellen DeGeneres Their Most Burning Questions

"What was the most embarrassing mistake you’ve ever made on your show?"

If you could ask Ellen DeGeneres any question, what would it be? 

A bunch of kids got the opportunity to send a video of themselves asking the TV talk show host their most burning questions. 

"What's your favorite prank you've ever pulled on a celebrity?" 15-year-old Claire asked DeGeneres. 

"Taylor swift. When she walked into what she thought was just her bathroom and her dressing room, and I scared her and she fell to the ground," DeGeneres replied. "That was the first time I scared her and then since then I've scared her many times." 

"Our country needs help," 4-year-old Hannah said in her video. "Will you run for president?"

"Our country needs help. She's 4 years old and she knows that already. We're in bad shape," DeGeneres replied. 

Other kids wanted to know what advice she'd give her 13-year-old self, her favorite TV show, and her most embarrassing TV moment. Check out her answers in the video below: 



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