These Kids Have Never Dated, But Their Breakup Advice Is Still Better Than Your Friends'

"Just keep saying please."

Breaking up with someone is hard to do even when there's no doubt that it's the right thing. It often feels impossible to find the right words that'll make it hurt the least.  

In a video for Canoodle Content, one guy struggling to figure out the best way to end a relationship decided to ask a bunch of kids for their best advice. Honestly, they have some pretty decent tips for people who have, you know, never actually dated anyone. 


Some of our favorites:

"You're going to be very gentle. You don't want to be hardcore, like I said. You need to be light as a feather."

"First do a couple nice things. Then say, 'OK don't get mad, but can I break up with you? Please, please please?' Just keep saying please."

"If you text her, you're a wuss. That's just pathetic."

Watch what other advice these kids have up their sleeve in the video below:


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