Video Captures Kids' Reactions To Strangers Losing Their Wallets And It's The Cutest


If you found something that didn't belong to you, there are two ways you could go about it. Return the item to its lawful owner or claim it for yourself.

Now as adult, you know better which is the right thing to do. But do children know that too?

From Japanese Red Cross comes a heartwarming social experiment. Kids were asked to wait at a bus stop for a couple of minutes next to a group of strangers — who were actually in on the stunt — and would drop their wallets while pretending not to notice. 

Result? The little ones knew exactly what needed to be done. Even if the strangers were little scary at times.


From dusting the wallet before returning it...

to overcoming shyness and doing the right thing...

...each and every reaction is perfect. Watch the entire video below.

It feels good to do good!

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