In A Moment Nothing Short Of Magical, Two Kids Found Out Their Adoption Date In Mickey's Surprise Announcement

Get your tissues ready.

For most, a trip to the Disney theme parks can be a magical experience, but for the Gilmour family, the trip was particularly special, and one they will never forget. 

Courtney Gilmour and her husband, Tom were the adoptive parents-to-be of Janielle, 12, and Elijah, 10, and found out their official adoption date — May 24, 2017 — after booking tickets to the Magic Kingdom. Courtney told A Plus in an email that she thought it'd be cool for Mickey Mouse to help make the announcement to the kids during a meet-and-greet at the park. 

"We booked a FastPass to meet him [Mickey] and thought we would just slip him the sign," Courtney said. They then headed to the All-Star Movie Resort and picked up pins that read: "I'm celebrating adopting our kids," and "I'm celebrating getting adopted" for themselves and their kids, respectively. "While the kids played, I shared the photo of the buttons on Twitter and the good people at [Walt Disney World's] Twitter got to work fast to make our 24 hours even more special. The video shows the rest." 

On July 6, Courtney uploaded the video showing the big reveal, and the story has since gone viral. 

The video shows Janielle and Elijah meeting Mickey Mouse and taking photos together. Mickey even performs a card trick and, up until he brings out the sign, it appears like a normal meet-and-greet. 

"Once the sign was revealed, I saw so many emotions on their faces at once," Courtney told A Plus. "After it settled down they were beyond excited and immediately started counting down the days!"

Since their adoption, Courtney says life has felt easier and freer. "This is [Janielle and Elijah's] chance to have a real childhood now, and we are making the best of that!" she said. 

Photo courtesy of Courtney Gilmour

Every year, over 100,000 children are in foster care and available for adoption, according to the Children's Action Network. On average, a child waits to be adopted for more than three years, with 11 percent waiting five years or more. 

When asked what she would tell others considering adoption, Courtney said to at least check it out to see if it's right for you and your family. 

"Focus on the positive in the process and [know] that it isn't easy, but man, it's so worth it." 

Check out more photos from the family's special trip below.

Photo courtesy of Courtney Gilmour
Photo courtesy of Courtney Gilmour
Photo courtesy of Courtney Gilmour
Photo courtesy of Courtney Gilmour


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