We Asked Kids And Their Parents To Draw Love: 'It Looks Like We're Sitting In A Cloud Of Marshmallows'

What would it look like for you?

How do you begin to describe a complex, deep emotion like love? What if you were asked to visualize this feeling? What would it physically look like? 

A Plus asked little kids and their parents these very big questions, and what they came up with is 100 percent from the heart. 


Watch the full video below to see how each kid visualizes love. Be prepared to smile big.

First we asked kids, "What is love?" Their answers were pretty good...

...even if they weren't all that "conventional."

Then we asked, "Will you draw what you think love feels like?"

"This is my mom, and this is me. And we're about to hug."

"It looks like we're sitting in a cloud of marshmallows."

"I love you."

To see the cuteness play out, be sure to watch the video above! 

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