Kids Describe Their Parents To An Illustrator, Revealing A Few Too Many Personal Details

"He's tall. He's about 42 feet."

In Cut Video's series Kids Describe, boys and girls describe a variety of topics — such as "the future," "God," and "love" — to an illustrator who then creates a piece of artwork based on the kids' opinions on the given subject. In the past, they have described the future as filled with spaceships and aliens, God as a frog, and love as a "lollipop with a scorpion inside it." 

In the latest installment of the series, kids sat down with artist Koji Minami and described their parents to him. With each characteristic and thought they shared about their moms, dads, and grandmothers, an artwork was born. 

"Do you want to start with your dad or your mom?" Minami asked one boy. 

"Let's start with my dad because he's the weirdest. He farts all the time," he replied. "He's tall. He's about 42 feet." 

"Is she tall or short?" Minami asked one of the girls.

"She's short. My dad said if she was any shorter, she would need a car seat and wouldn't be allowed to be in the front seat," she said. 

You can watch the whole video below. 


These exercises are always awesome for the kids to get creative and think deeply about the subject at hand. And, of course, they make us laugh. But this time around, it was also interesting to see the personal details about their parents that stand out to them. The video also helped show there's no one way to be a family because some of the kids asked Minami to draw the paternal figures in their lives, which weren't always their biological moms or dads. 


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