Kids Describing High Fashion Editorials Is Funny At First, But There's A Troubling Undertone To It

"Why do we link these kinds of images with glamour and luxury?"

Have you ever wondered about fashion spreads? Specifically, how in the world they thought of these poses in these locations? 

Visual artist Yolanda Dominguez has and she came up with an interesting observation: men and women are portrayed very differently in these fashion campaigns. So Dominguez turned to a group of 8-year-olds to highlight how drastic the contrast was.

She showed them photos from some of the most eminent fashion houses in the world.


The responses were funny at first.

And there was some real talk.

Some simply had no words.

But when it came to exclusively male fashion spreads, the responses were strikingly different.

The kids neither ridiculed nor felt sorry for them. Instead, they described them using completely different language.

Dominguez wanted to show the disparity between the representations of men and women in these editorials. 

"Kids decoded the images and exposed the implicit violence and inequality when it comes to the way women and men are treated in these editorials," she said. "They often offered themselves to help women … while they projected their dreams and ambitions on to the men's roles.

Now contrast this ...

... with this.

"This revealing document poses many questions about hidden messages that are launched by the fashion industry," Dominguez told It's Nice That, posing sober questions:

 Why do we link these kinds of images with glamour and luxury? Why doesn't anybody denounce this situation? How do these images influence our visual education?

So the next time you come across one of these fashion spreads, ask yourself where your ideas of luxury stem from and whether these representations are glamorous — or simply ridiculous. 

Watch the video here:


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