Kids Try Describing Color To A Blind Man, But It's Not As Simple As They Think

"I've never seen anything, ever. That's the whole point."

"When you think of colors, what do you think of?" a blind man asks kids in a new video for Cut.

With that, the kids attempt to find the best ways to describe red, blue, yellow and green, using sounds, experiences, and gestures to help communicate their thoughts.

However, it quickly becomes apparent that it's hard to articulate color into words, and it's even harder when speaking to someone who is blind.

"Have you ever [seen the] color of a blueberry?" a little girl asks the man. 

"I've never seen anything, ever. That's the whole point," he replies.

All in all, the experience shows a funny, innocent, and open conversation between people who are simply trying to understand each other.

"I learn something new every day," the man says at the end of the video. Check it out in full below:



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